10 Female DC Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Solo Movie

7. Jessica Cruz

Deathstroke Ravager
DC Comics

The last Green Lantern movie will be remembered more for the crack Ryan Reynolds made about his suit in Deadpool than for anything else. This doesn’t mean that the franchise can’t be rebooted with a new protagonist though; the Green Lantern Corps feature a variety of characters who could step into the void Hal Jordan left behind.

A movie about Jessica Cruz could reignite the Green Lantern series and shine a light on mental health. Jessica has a history of anxiety attacks, brought on by witnessing the murder of her friends and her experience with the Ring of Volthoom. She struggles to balance her condition with protecting the universe alongside her teammates.

The film could involve Jessica fighting to overcome her anxiety and depict the condition in a realistic manner. For example, it might show her struggling to get out of bed or avoiding social interaction. The movie might even frame anxiety as the villain, with Jessica creating a physical construct of her condition and it attacking innocent people.

The potential for a mental health positivity-based film is huge with Jessica. It could drive the conversation about mental health disorders, while reminding people that it’s okay to talk about their experiences in public.


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