10 Greatest Superhero Duos Of All Time

9. Nite Owl II & Rorschach

Batman and Robin Early Cover
DC Comics/Dave Gibbons

Originally based on Charlton Comics characters Blue Beetle and The Question, Nite Owl II & Rorschach have arguably overshadowed their Charlton counterparts due to the reach and impact of Watchmen.

Part of the superhero team The Crimebusters, their dynamic is another odd-couple example, with Nite Owl's clear-headed and thoughtful approach versus Rorschach's chaotic improvisation.

Through flashbacks and references to events passed, it's clear in the pair's interactions in Watchmen that Dreiberg/Nite Owl was the only person Rorschach ever considered a friend. Their relationship deteriorates after the Keene Act means Nite Owl stops being a vigilante, while Rorschach doesn't.

When they're brought back together to investigate the Comedian's murder, they slowly find their way back to a partnership, as Nite Owl tries to see past Rorschach's skewed world view, and even breaks him out of prison. What starts out as sympathy and caution for what he saw as Rorschach's descent into a mad conspiracy, turns into genuine concern for someone who had his back in the good old days.

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