10 Greatest X-Men Of All Time

Of all the mutants to rock the yellow spandex, these are the ones that stand out above the rest.

Cyclops x-men
Marvel Comics

Since the 1970s the X-Men, Marvel's famous group of misfit mutant heroes, have been hard to miss. If not the comics, it was the cartoon or the film franchise that introduced people everywhere to the plethora of members of the superhero squad.

Since its creation, the roster has gotten pretty large, consisting of some of the most popular Marvel characters. Throughout the years fans have seen some of its members do some pretty amazing things, causing quite the debate over who reigns supreme on the mutant team.

But while there have been many heroes and villains chosen to join Professor X's band of freedom fighters, not all of them are Hall of Fame material.

Some X-Men tend to come and go in a flash, while others become staples for years after their initial introduction. It is the latter group of mutants who tend to be considered the greatest X-Men of all, and for good reason. The longer the tenure, the more popular the character.

Of all the students that have graced the halls of Professor Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, here are ten that make the best argument for having proven they are among the greatest X-Men of all time.


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