10 Important Life Lessons Comic Books Teach Us (In Elaborate Ways)

9. Greed Can Be Costly

Just like in the real world, an unquenchable thirst for wealth and power can prove incredibly costly in the world of comics. If indeed one ever gains more power than one can handle, the consequences could be terrible. Take the Green Goblin for example - his serums gave him the power needed to adopt the identity of "the Green Goblin" and become a big fish in the world of organised crime. However, the serum drove him insane, making his behaviour erratic, giving him mood-swings and causing him to have hallucinations. In a sense, you could say "with great power comes great insanity". It serves as a metaphor for those in the real world who, with too much money at their disposal (see countless musicians from the history books) spend it on drugs and alcohol and fall from grace quickly - often badly affecting their health or even killing themselves in the process.
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