10 Injustice Super Moves Taken Straight From The Comics

10. Joker - Death In The Family

DC Comics

The one consistent thing about the Joker's finishing move within both Injustice games is that it always contains a crowbar - a clear and transparent reference to the Death of the Family comic, wherein the Clown Prince of Crime beats Jason Todd to death with the very same weapon.

The first Injustice game perhaps referenced this the most clearly, with the smiling terror beating his opponent with a crowbar, shooting them with a gun, and then blowing them up with a bazooka. In Injustice 2, the Joker's finisher becomes even more brutal, with the Joker placing his enemy in an electric chair, whaling on them with the crowbar, and then electrocuting them for good measure.

As one of the most savage moments in the Joker's history, it makes perfect sense that this comic moment in referenced within the Injustice games themselves.


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