10 Insane Alternate Versions Of Thor You Won't Believe Exist


Marvel Comics

Ever wondered what Thor would be like if he was a dog? Well then, wonder no more as THRR has got your back. That's when he's not chasing his tail, obviously.

A resident of Arfgard (no, seriously), he once defeated the dreaded dog catcher Shmageggi simply by making it rain, as the stench of wet dogs was too much for his foe to stomach, forcing him to flee.

He has since gone on to become a member of the Scavengers, the animal equivalent of the Avengers, and battles side by side with Captain Americat, Ant Ant, Black Panda, Iron Mouse, Pigeon, Quacksilver, Scarlet Pooch, and Squackeye. He's also a longtime ally of Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham.

Admittedly, he's not a regular reoccurring character in the Marvel Universe but whenever they need to dust down a crazy ass version of the God of Thunder, and whenever danger is near, or there are cats that need terrorizing, you can guarantee that THRR, Dog of Thunder, will be there to save the day and pee on the rug.


Jack of all trades, Master of none. The former rocker of the big beard.