10 Least Threatening Comic Book Supervillains

8. Robbing Hood

Egghead Batman

In Prize Comics #3, a superhero duo called Airmale and Stampy tangled against Robbing Hood, a reverse Robin Hood who stole from the poor and gave to the rich.

Firstly, "Robbing Hood" might be the best supervillain name ever. Secondly, you might be wondering what this eccentric thief could possibly steal from the poor that's worth something?

The answer is 'Not much'. After looting several vagrants, he visited the biggest mansions in the city, only to learn the rich and wealthy weren't interested in his stolen "junk". One of them was so insulted, she ordered her butler to kick Robbing Hood to the curb. Even after he was disregarded by every aristocrat in the area, Hood refuses to give up and vows to continue plundering the underprivileged.

Because Airmale and Stampy were raised in poverty, it wasn't long before Robbing Hood appeared on their radar. After cornering him on a rooftop, the malicious mugger tried to escape by diving down a chimney, only to get stuck. The police apprehended Robbing Hood and whisked him away to prison, never to be seen again. He might be the only supervillain to have ever been defeated by a chimney.


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