10 Least Threatening Comic Book Supervillains

7. The Condiment King

Egghead Batman
Warner Bros.

Buddy Standler debuted as The Condiment King in Batman: The Animated Series and was incorporated into the comics many years later.

I mean... what can you say about this guy? He's a pickle-helmeted, nappy-wearing supervillain armed with guns that fire ketchup and mustard (and sometimes relish). What's worse is that the self-proclaimed Monarch of Mayo commits his crimes while spouting relentless puns like "I knew you'd 'ketchup' to me sooner or later."

Now, if you wanted to give the Condiment King the benefit of doubt, you may assume his pistols squirt condiments at high velocity. But... they don't. His weapons fire with the same pressure as a water pistol, meaning the ketchup and mustard cannot cause any damage. The worst case scenario while fighting this guy is he'll stain your clothes, forcing you to pay a fortune at the dry cleaners.

Although this Sultan of Sauce relishes his fights with the Dark Knight, he's never managed to cut the mustard. (Sorry, it's impossible to talk about this guy without resorting to food puns.) Unless he's facing someone with a condiment allergy, the Condiment King is harmless.


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