10 Least Threatening Comic Book Supervillains

6. The Eraser

Egghead Batman
DC Comics

Lenny Fiasco was ridiculed as a kid for his less-than-stellar grades. The constant mockery caused Fiasco to obsess over erasing all his mistakes. This inspired him to become the rubber-themed racketeer, The Eraser.

With his yellow striped suit, pencil-shaped shoes, and rubber helmet, the Eraser is regarded as one of the silliest villains ever. But is he as stupid as he sounds? On the cover of his debut, you can see the Eraser rubbing out Batman and Robin's bodies with his helmet. You have to admit, that's a pretty cool power (and something that could've come from Daffy Duck's take on Dick Tracy).

I mean, it WOULD be a cool if the Eraser actually did that. Despite what the cover teases, this pencil-shaped mobster has no inhuman abilities whatsoever. His name comes from his knack at "erasing" evidence of his crimes. Since he lacks powers, his signature attack is to stab people with his pointy shoes, which are styled after pencil tips.


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