10 Marvel Heroes With Surprisingly Tragic Origins

9. Demolition Man

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Marvel Comics

Given he's a knockoff Wolverine with the nickname 'D-Man', you'd be forgiven for thinking that Demolition Man would, backstory-wise, have minimal depth.

However, his origins are surprisingly bittersweet, with the young Dennis Dunphy wanting nothing more than to be a superhero. As he grew up, however, Dennis' dreams changed, and he decided instead to become a professional athlete - dreams which would be dashed when every sports team he applied to rejected him.

Devastated, Dunphy sought out enhanced strength and speed from the villain known as the Power Broker in order to improve his abilities. In an ironic twist, gaining these enhancements meant that the would-be sportsman was too powerful to play any spot without harming those around him, and so the Demolition Man was born.

While Dunphy never seems put out about becoming a superhero, there's something incredibly sad about the fact that, by the time he became a hero, Dennis didn't actually want to be one - even if he doesn't seem too upset about it.


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