10 METAL Moments From Dark Nights: Metal

The most metal moments from the most epic Batman story yet!

DC Comics

Dark Nights: Metal has been DC's most ambitious event since starting its Rebirth initiative in 2016. With a full cast of characters, beautiful artwork, and some of the most epic battles put to page, Metal showed us a side of DC we've never seen before.

Centered around Batman and the Bat-God Barbatos, it's once again up to the Justice League to stop this force of evil, only this time the effects are set to shake the multiverse to its core.

From the debut of The Dark Knights of The Multiverse, to the shocking discovery of Carter Hall and Starro, writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo really put out all the stops, making this story truly worth a read. It has horror, humor and spectacle in spades, while also adding a few wrinkles of its own to DC's continuity.

When all is said and done Metal definitely had its share of jaw-dropping moments, and just like rock music had our pulse pounding and our hearts racing as Barbatos threatens to plunge the world into darkness. It's time to crank the volume up to eleven again, as as we explore 10 METAL moments straight out of Dark Nights: Metal.


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