10 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn't Know About Justice League Unlimited

Nightwing appears for SEVEN seconds?!

Warner Bros.

Of the various assorted delights that the world of superhero cartoons provides us, the Justice League series is by far one of the best. Packed full of character-driven moments and epic fight scenes, there are few moments in the show that ever feel wasted, as even when the cast is comprised of countless heroes almost all of them get their well deserved moment in the sun.

And much like any good show, it also has a fair share of obscure and interesting facts about it. Since so many of the characters involved were not only in comic runs at the time, but were also in films and television shows, there was plenty of complicated rules surrounding which heroes could feature at which point in the series.

As a cornerstone of how many people know DC and its favourite superhero team - and how many comic fans got into the paper medium - it's well worth finding out every sordid secret fact you can about one of Warner Bros' crown jewels.

...Even if it's about how they almost killed Aquaman's son in brutal fashion. Hell, maybe especially then.


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