10 More Most Inappropriate Marvel Comics Storylines Ever

9. Invisible Woman Becomes A Supervillain After Suffering A Miscarriage

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Marvel Comics

When looking at the Fantastic Four, the beating heart and moral compass of the team is so often Sue Storm.

Whilst Reed Richards' arrogance and obsession with work often gets the better of him, Johnny Storm's hot-headedness can cause him to make rash decisions, and Ben Grimm's inner turmoil and insecurity can rise to the surface, it usually comes down to Sue to steady the FF ship.

Back in 1984, though - in Fantastic Four #267's A Small Loss - Marvel Comics completely bungled the Invisible Woman becoming pregnant with her and Reed's second child. Tragically, the radiation damage previously done to Sue's cells caused her to suffer a miscarriage.

In terms of how this extremely sensitive matter was bungled, Storm and her loss played second fiddle to other parts of this story. Firstly, so much of the focus was on whether or not Reed and Doctor Octopus could co-exist to help save the unborn child. Secondly, once tragedy does indeed strike, everybody just gets on with their business as usual while leaving Sue with her grief..

To only do further injustice to the Sue Storm character, Marvel Comics then had Sue don a bondage-style outfit and become the supervillain known as Malice. Sure, this was due to a scheme from Psycho-Man, but still, this was all so misguided from Marvel.

As for the child Sue lost, thankfully it would later be revealed that young Franklin Richards had managed to save the kiddo, who would become Valeria Richards. Well, until that was all retconned.

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