10 More Most Inappropriate Marvel Comics Storylines Ever

8. Cyclops And Emma Frost Hooking Up On Jean Grey's Grave

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Marvel Comics

When the X-Men books are great, they're the best in the medium. However, when the X-titles of the day have been bad, they've been a proper rough, questionable, confusing ride for readers.

Of Charles Xavier's famed team of mutants, one particular person who has made some boneheaded decisions over the decades, is Cyclops.

So often the leader of the X-Men, Scott Summers is a sucker for romance. And by sucker, that means he does some outright disgusting stuff in the name of love. Whilst knowingly shacking up with a Jean Grey clone once Jean died was ridiculous enough, even more baffling from Scott was his decision to use the gravesite of his fallen beau to hook up with his latest squeeze, Emma Frost.

This came back in 2004's Here Comes Tomorrow arc - one of Grant Morrison's few minor missteps of his excellent New X-Men run - and found Cyclops once again battling with his feelings. With Jean very much dead by this point, Scott is unsure whether to follow his urges to move on from Jean and make a move on Frost.

Given how Jean Grey is Jean Grey, she's actually able to 'visit' Ckye from beyond the grave, giving her blessing to seek new love. While that absolutely gives Scott free reign to pursue the White Queen... could the fella not have made the classless move of sharing a kiss with Frost on Jean's resting place? Not cool, Summers. So, so not cool.

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