10 Most Emotional Spider-Man Stories Ever

10. SHED - The Amazing Spider-Man #630

Marvel Comics

In terms of sad comics about big lizards, SHED is about the most emotionally-charged they come, featuring a story that makes the otherwise simplified character of the Lizard roughly a million times more tragic than the Godzilla look-alike has any right to be.

The story revolves around Curt Conners attempting to control his animalistic side after ingesting reptile DNA, and his increasing inability to restrain himself. This peaks in a beautifully awful moment where the transformed Lizard breaks into Conners house, with the two minds warring against each other, as Curt tries to protect his son, and the lizard tries to eat him.

After a battle of wills, Conners is defeated, and is forced to watch as he eats his own son, who throws his reptilian dad one last punch, telling him 'you're going to kill me, aren't you? I always knew it.'.

In the final panels, we see Curt's internal monologue be ripped to pieces, as he breaks down, unable to deal with what he's just done.

Enjoy those nightmares, folks.

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