10 Most Emotional Spider-Man Stories Ever

9. My Dinner With Jonah - Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #6

Marvel Comics

Peter's relationship with J. Jonah Jameson has been one of the most stable parts of comic history. He hates Spider-Man - and sometimes he also hates Peter - but generally, it's clear that deep down he sees more than a little of himself in the plucky Parker, making it all the more frustrating that he despises the man's superhero alter ego.

This sets up perfectly for the emotionally devastating story titled 'My Dinner With Jonah', wherein Spider-Man agrees to one hour interview with Jonah in exchange for information on some of his worst enemies. This interview becomes a meeting in five minutes flat, and the pair go back and forth on whether the hero is a help or a menace to the city with equal vitriol.

Though this sounds almost funny, it gets emotional real fast, as Jameson shares that he has held his vendetta against Spider-Man for so long because he feels like it's all he has left, and that he's scared the people he's lost and the suffering he's been through will have been for nothing if he backs down on this mindset.

Peter - clearly understanding the way loss and isolation can affect a person - softens at this, and finally reveals to the reporter who he really is. The bizarre bond between them is something often overlooked, but in this one touching moment, it's importance is more or less shouted from the rooftops.

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