10 Most Evil Versions Of Batman

9. Dawnbreaker Batman

Batman Evil
DC Comics

Frankly this list wouldn't be even half as long as it is without Dark Knights Metal, which introduced the Dark Multiverse, a classification given to alternate realities that represent absolute worst case scenarios - universes with no future because things really have just gone that wrong.

This event's sole reason for existence seemed to be balancing the scales on how many evil versions of Superman there were by giving us arguably too many evil Batmen for one list.

This version of Bruce Wayne - the Dawnbreaker - completely shut down emotionally in the moment his parents died, losing all emotion including fear. Which, of course, attracted the Green Lantern Corps to him.

Yeah... no surprise that giving a straight up sociopath all the power in the universe was not the smartest move on the part of the Guardians. Bruce used his power to track down Joe Chill, even overriding the Lantern Ring with his own evil willpower to make it his own, killing Chill in the process.

When the Corps tried to take his ring away, he killed all of them too, ascending into a higher being made of malice and hatred known as the Dawnbreaker.


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