10 Most Interesting Batman Villains You've Never Heard Of

10. Humpty Dumpty

DC Comics

It would be fair to say that Humphrey Dumpler never had a real chance with his name and portly appearance. From the beginning, it was pretty much a given that he would be referred to as Humpty Dumpty, and his rather egg-shaped head didn't help very much either.

Like the works devoted to hi fairy tale namesake, Humpty Dumpty enjoys speaking in rhyme and putting things back together again once they are broken... or, if they bother him in some way. His backstory suggests he's the victim of a cosmic level of bad luck, which helped push him to try and find ways of fixing everything that goes wrong in his life.

Unfortunately, his penchant for fixing things around him helps to make him happy, but results in things like train derailments, thanks to his "repairs" of part of a track. In one instance, the repairs he made to a clock tower resulted in a chain of events, beginning with a hand falling off, and concluding with the deaths of dozens of people.

Humpty Dumpty was (rightfully) imprisoned in Arkham Asylum, where he became a model prisoner. He's had a run-in or two with the Caped Crusader, but he's not a typical villain and is more of a sympathetic character who did his best to manage in a broken and irreparable world.


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