10 Most Powerful Characters Killed By Wolverine

SNIKT - It's the last sound many in the Marvel universes ever get to hear.

wolverine killed
Marvel Comics

Wolverine: Enemy of the State is best described as a big, stupid nineties action movie... with claws.

In the story we see Wolverine brainwashed and working alongside classic enemies The Hand and Hydra as he goes to battle with Marvel heroes such as Spider-Man and Captain America. And, in an alternate future where he's never deprogrammed, we learn he killed many of these heroes.

The clawed Canuck is one of the best comic book characters for this type of storyline. He can fall into berserker rages where his more feral side is at the forefront, plus he's armed to the teeth even when without weapons, has some of the best training in the Marvel universe thanks to over a century of combat experience, and that healing factor means that even a killing blow may not be enough to take him down.

Over the years, this combination of factors has led to Logan facing some incredibly powerful foes and having no other choice than to permanently end them. Usually against enemies, though sometimes facing allies, here are ten times that Wolverine hasn't put his claws away until they were bloody.

10. Lady Deathstrike

wolverine killed
20th Century Fox

Professor Kenji Oyama was a Japanese scientist who created the adamantium-bonding process that Weapon X used to coat Logan's bones with the unbreakable alloy. A kamikaze pilot during World War II, he felt intense shame when he failed to die after his plane exploded. Rather than seeking therapy, he ritually scarred the faces of his children and became a criminal under the alias Lord Dark Wind. Kenji's own daughter Yuriko later killed him in revenge for the death of her brothers and the scarification.

Thus began Yuriko's own turn towards the dark side, as she sought to right the wrongs done to her father that had turned him into a monster over the years. One of those wrongs was the theft of the adamantium-bonding process, which led to the newly named Lady Deathstrike starting a lifelong feud with Wolverine for being the recipient of the alloy. She also hunts adamantium stockpiles all over the world.

A version of Yuriko appears in the 2003 film X2, this time a brainwashed mutant with similar powers and origins to Wolverine. This one ironically dies when Wolvie decides to give her more adamantium than she can handle, filling her up to the eyeballs with the stuff in one of the film's most gruesome sequences.


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