10 Most Powerful Characters Killed By Wonder Woman

Diana of Themyscira has had a fair share of blood on her hands over the years.

Wonder Woman beheads Medusa
DC Comics

In a universe filled with metahumans, alien powerhouses and supernatural beings, Wonder Woman has been able to stand out for a variety of reasons. The Princess of Themyscira’s (sometimes) familial ties to the Olympian pantheon has imbued her with phenomenal abilities that have placed near the top of DC’s hierarchy of might.

Diana's physical attributes are comparable to beings such as Shazam and Superman, and her combat skill is so great that Batman himself considers her one of the best fighters on the planet. Therefore, it is no surprise that Wonder Woman is a Justice League heavy hitter and has been able to turn the tide in past battles with her presence. What separates the Amazing Amazon from most of her comrades is that she is willing to kill.

Though not as bloodthirsty as someone like the Red Hood, Diana would not hesitate to employ her incalculable strength or godly weapons to take a life when other options have been exhausted and the threat posed by her opponent is on a grand scale.

This willingness to cross the line has put her at odds with the likes of Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne, but at the same time has saved many lives or prevented untold destruction from occurring. However, some instances of Wonder Woman crossing the line have been decidedly less heroic and highlight just how dangerous DC’s premier heroine is.

10. Huntress - Injustice: Gods Among Us

Wonder Woman beheads Medusa
DC Comics

The Injustice series of comics makes for compelling reading, but does not portray most heroes in a flattering light, and Wonder Woman is one such character. While the likes of Batman and Harley Quinn get layers of intriguing and organic characterization, Diana is reduced to a rebound with an unquenched desire for authoritarian murder.

In the third year of Superman’s tyrannical reign, the Regime and Insurgency engage in a sprawling fight and Diana takes on Batwoman and the Huntress. Usually, the two street-level heroes would be no match for the Amazon but they were amped by a Kryptonian nanotech-based pill, giving them incredible physical attributes on par with Kal-El and Diana.

During the fight, Helena calls her former teammates tyrants and this angered Diana, who in turn wrapped her Lasso round Helena’s neck and swiftly snapped it, killing her in the process. This kill is especially noteworthy as it was not intentional as evidenced by Diana’s shocked reaction. it highlighted just how much rage and darkness had consumed Wonder Woman and her allies' better judgement.


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