10 Most Powerful Characters Killed By Wonder Woman

9. Von Bach - Kingdom Come

Wonder Woman beheads Medusa
DC Comics

The seminal Kingdom Come arc by Mark Waid and Alex Ross showcases an alternate future where DC mainstays are replaced by more violent and bloodthirsty heroes, and focuses on the subsequent clash between the old guard and their youthful counterparts.

Having come out of retirement alongside Superman, Wonder Woman helped the former establish a new Justice League in order to combat the new ilk of vicious villains that emerged during their time away from the cape. One such individual was Von Bach, a Yugoslavian dictator with strength and endurance rivalling that of Diana’s.

Taken to a metahuman rehabilitation centre called the Gulag, the superpowered autocrat instigated a battle between the centre’s wardens and the prisoners by killing Captain Comet, its main warden. During the ensuing chaos, Von Bach met his end at Wonder Woman’s spear after he tried to kill Zatanna’s son, Zatara.

Although he was not a major player in the story, his death was satisfying due to how despicable he was as a character.


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