10 Most Powerful Marvel Characters Kraven The Hunter Fought

8. Black Panther - Black Panther: The Man Without Fear Vol.1 #519

Kraven Venom
Marvel Comics

This story was written in 2011 by David Liss, and pencilled by Jefte Palo - and it could not have come a moment too soon.

Black Panther is the perfect counterpart for a villain like Kraven - both men are expert trackers, with uncanny senses and superhuman strength. On paper, they seem perfectly evenly matched. But who would win if the two were to go head-to-head?

After being resurrected, Kraven the Hunter desired nothing more than an end to his undeath - and when he was bribed by the sinister Dr. Holman, who claims she can kill him again, he happily agreed to the price: hunting down T'Challa. The Black Panther currently finds himself the protector of Hell's Kitchen, with none of his kingdom's resources to back him up - leaving him a perfect target for Kraven.

T'Challa swiftly notices he's being followed and attempts to lose his tracker, but Kraven furiously gives chase, nearly impaling T'Challa with a spear. After a tense exchange - and the timely intervention of Storm - Black Panther manages to convince Kraven that while Dr. Holma is an expert at creating weird human/animal hybrids, she might have been lying about her ability to undo necromancy.


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