10 Most Powerful Marvel Characters Kraven The Hunter Fought

7. Venom - Venom (2016) #157

Kraven Venom
Marvel Comics

For a hunter who had killed every beast on Earth with his bare hands, what challenge could be greater than a creature that wasn't from Earth at all? Written in 2016 by Mike Costa and pencilled by Mark Bagley, this issue sees Venom acting as a lethal protector for some more of Kraven's potential victims.

In a shocking start to this comic, it's revealed that there is a race of dinosaur humanoids living peacefully in the sewers of New York city - and naturally, Mayor Wilson Fisk wants them exterminated. For this job, he hires Kraven the Hunter, who effortlessly decapitates two of the beasts as a display of force - attracting the attention of their pro bono bodyguard: Venom.

As Kraven creeps through the sewers in search of more prey, he's ambushed by the symbiote, who had disarmed Kraven's traps. Venom tries to threaten Kraven, but the Hunter can't hear him - he's wearing earplugs, to allow him to work with a new friend: Scream.

A single sonic shriek from Kraven's surprise ally drops the full sewer tunnel on a stunned Venom - denying Kraven the chance to mount Venom's head as he intended, but earning him a KO victory.


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