10 Most Powerful Spider-Man Villains

Spider-Man's rogues gallery is one of the biggest in all of comics, but who is his most powerful foe?

Marvel Comics

When it comes to superheroes with impressive rogues' galleries, you don't have to look much further than our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. Like Batman, the Flash and so many others, Spider-Man has racked up quite a number of bad guys over the years, and many of them are powerful indeed.

Not every Spider-Man villain is a super-powered baddie... The Kingpin, for instance, has no superpowers whatsoever, but in terms of power, he controls one of the largest criminal organizations on the planet. Other supervillains have power in different ways, but whatever way you slice it, Spidey has to fight a lot of powerful enemies.

When it comes to deciding who is the most powerful of his many enemies, it becomes necessary to dig through his nearly sixty years of comics and see who has caused him the most trouble over the years. Power may be measured by the energy behind a punch, but it can just as easily be determined by causing the death of a loved one.

The villains in this list may not be the most powerful from throughout the entire Marvel Universe, but they all have given Spidey a run for his money at one time or another with the one on top being the most powerful.

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