10 Most Powerful Superheroes Of All Time

7. Jean Grey

BeFunky_13_JeanGrey Ms. Grey is the most powerful female in the superhero world. She's almost too powerful for her own good. As one of the most powerful telepath's in the world, those in which only parallel Professor X, Jean Grey is easily the most powerful member of the X-Men team and female in all the Universe. Her powers are only limited by her mind, and not only is she a telepath but she's also a telekinetic. She has the ability to move objects just by thinking about them. Jean is scary powerful but when she transforms into The Phoenix, she's just scary. Her powers become incredibly unpredictable and are seemingly endless. Her weakness? Being Jean Grey. As a human she still has a conscience who often demonstrates compassion, especially to the ones closest to her. However when she transforms into The Phoenix, she's practically indestructible.

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