10 Most Shocking Relationships In X-Men History

The time where Cyclops married a clone of his ex has aged really badly.

Magneto Rogue
Marvel Comics / Adi Granov

When a person discovers they are a mutant, they are often met with disdain from friends, family, and loved ones. As they are bullied or attacked, it's easy for mutants to become depressed and alone.

So, when they are invited to join the X-Men, it feels like a dream come true. Not only do they have the chance to do some good with their newfound abilities, they are surrounded by superheroes who had the same insecurities as them when their powers first manifested.

Because of this, it's not too surprising that many mutants in the X-Men have found much comfort with their teammates, not just platonically, but romantically.

Although relationships like Cyclops and Jean Grey are sweet, there are some couples that just don't add up. Some X-Men have slept with their sworn enemies. Occasionally, these so-called superheroes cheated on their partners by making out with their fellow teammates. And some X-Men have bumped uglies with a time-displaced version of another mutant superhero so often, it's getting kind of silly...

10. Jean Grey And Beast

Magneto Rogue
Marvel Comics

If you thought relationships are hard and time-travel is confusing, try putting them together. (Actually, don't do that because, as Beast and Jean Grey proved, it gets really messy.)

Over the years, Beast believed the X-Men's leader, Cyclops, had lost his way. (The fact that Scott killed Professor X was probably the first sign). As a result, Hank McCoy build a time machine to transport the X-Men from the past to the present. Hank hoped that Cyke would get his drive back after seeing how idealistic the younger versions of himself, Beast, Iceman, Angel, and Jean Grey were.

However, Hank's little experiment created more problems that he could've ever anticipated. After Young Jean saw how disillusioned Future Scott had become, she no longer found him attractive, jeopardising their relationship in the future. Just to make matters worse, Jean accidentally read Future Hank's mind in All-New X-Men #15 and discovered he'd been infatuated with her from the moment they met.

When Jean told Young Hank that she knew he harboured feelings for her, he insisted that he couldn't act on them since she was destined to be with Scott. After she told him she didn't love Scott, Hank and Jean had their first kiss.


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