10 Most Shocking Relationships In X-Men History

9. Psylocke And Bishop

Magneto Rogue
Marvel Comics

After Professor X seemingly died during the Ultimate X-Men run, Professor Charles Xavier's students went their separate ways. Because Lucas Bishop was from a timeline where the team's disbandment led to Apocalypse taking over the world, he created a new X-Men crew to stop his dystopian future from becoming a reality.

This group, which consisted of Wolverine, Psylocke, Storm, Angel, Dazzler, and Pyro, were tasked with stopping Andrea and Andreas Fenris from constructing an army of Sentinels. After breaking into the Sentinel factory, the Fenris twins got the drop on the X-Men. As they were about to shoot Psylocke dead, Bishop told them to 'get the hell away from my wife.' Considering Bishop was over twice Psylocke's age and the pair had barely spoke, the X-Men were quite taken aback by this proclamation.

After they defeated the Fenris siblings, Bishop explained to Psylocke that she would meet his younger counterpart in this timeline and marry him. Despite the fact he loved her deeply, Bishop avoided speaking to Psylocke as much as possible to avoid jeopardising her encountering and falling in love with his younger self.


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