10 Mutants Who QUIT The X-Men

So Cyclops abandons his wife and child, and we're all just cool with it?

Jubilee X-Men
Marvel Comics

Behind the Fantastic Four, who can name a more iconic Marvel team-up than the Uncanny X-men? Unlike the Fantastic Four, who are almost always the same four people, over the decades, the X-men have accumulated a massive roster of members and former members.

Back in the 60s, creators Jack Kirby and Stan Lee came up with a simple premise. Rather than have all their heroes suffer bizarre accidents to gain their powers, why not have them born that way? And so, the concept of mutants was born.

Following this frame of logic, the pair argued that if superheroes are born with their abilities, then they'd need some specialised school, and a teacher to instruct them on how to use their powers.

So, in the beginning, the X-Men were just that; a bunch of high school kids learning to use their abilities for good. As the decades went on, the X-Men evolved to encompass all the different aspects of the Marvel Universe, and members from every corner of the world. They're possibly the most diverse group of heroes in comic book history.

Over time, many mutants have joined the team, while others have left for greener pastures, new adventures, or just died off.

10. Colossus

Jubilee X-Men
Marvel Comics

Piotr Rasputin is a Russian born mutant with the ability to transform his body into organic steel. He was recruited to the team by none other than Professor Xavier. He came calling on the Rasputin farm one day when he was looking for mutants to help save his original team from the sentient island, Krakoa.

Once they completed the mission, Piotr agreed to return to New York with the X-Men and become a regular member of the team. While living in Westchester, Piotr missed his family and farm back in Russian, but he also formed strong bonds with other X-Men like Storm and Wolverine.

However, Piotr wasn't the only mutant in his family, as both his brother and younger sister carried the x-gene.

One day, Piotr got word from Russian that someone had killed his parents and his baby sister Illyana was kidnapped by the Russian government. They hoped to use her powers for their means. Through a series of awful events, Illyana died, and Piotr became disenchanted with the X-Men.

He chose to join Magneto's group, the Acolytes. Piotr didn't fully embrace Magneto's views, though. He decided to stay with the group and try to impart some of Professor X's wisdom to temper their extremist views.


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