10 Mutants Who QUIT The X-Men

9. Rogue

Jubilee X-Men
Marvel Comics

As most people know, Rogue had a troubled childhood. She was born in Caldecott County, but her mother left when she was just a baby to join a Native American dreamland called "the Far Banks." No joke.

Then, while a teenager, she developed her mutant powers at the exact wrong moment as she kissed her boyfriend, Cody. The encounter left the boy in a coma, and his father, along with an angry mob of townsfolk, descended on Rogue's home. She escaped into the swamps where she met Mystique and, for a while, became a villain.

But, you can't talk about the history of Rogue without talking about Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers. Danvers was a member of the X-Men who encountered Rogue and Mystique.

They battled and Rogue absorbed Carol's powers of superhuman strength and flight, and most importantly, she absorbed Danver's persona. After this, the X-Men, reluctantly, let Rogue join their ranks. Rogue never officially left the X-Men after this, but the Danvers persona remained dormant in her mind.

After a sexual assault, Rogue retreated into her subconscious, and the Danvers persona took the opportunity to reinstate herself fully. During this time, Rogue effectively leaves the X-Men, in mind if not in body.

Danvers even does away with Rogue's costume, and begins wearing her Ms. Marvel costume. She also redecorates Rogue's room to her tastes. Eventually, other-dimensional forces purge Rogue of the Danvers Persona. But, she loses those sick powers of flight and super-strength as well.

Rogue did physically leave the X-Men at one point, but more on that in the next entry.


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