10 Pathetic Comic Book Villains You Just Feel Sorry For

They are psychotic, maybe even murderous, but you can't help feel bad for them.

DC Comics

Supervillains are meant to represent everything that the superhero community stands against. Psychopaths like the Joker and Carnage are so utterly malevolent, it's impossible to defend their actions.

But there are some criminals that, no matter how immoral they are, you can't help feel bad for. Most of the time, criminals find themselves on the other side of the law due to a tragic accident, a string of bad luck, or mental illness.

Most of them got screwed over so many times in life, you can't help but understand why they chose a life of crime. Some of them suffer deformities or physical ailments that are so severe, crime is the only way they can make money.

There are also a couple of supervillains you feel sorry for because... they just kinda suck. When you see a genius inventor build an advanced armour or game-changing weapon and the best thing they can think of doing with it is rob a bank, you feel disappointed by their pathetic lack of ambition.

It's clear you're meant to hate these guys, but you just end up feeling sorry for them.

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