10 Secrets Of The Batmobile Explained

9. The Top Speed

Batmobile DC Comics
DC Comics

Talking on a broad sense - because, let's face it, analysing each and every Batmobile would take forever - the Batmobile's basic engine allows the vehicle to hit a cool 230 mph.

By any car's standards, that's an utterly insane speed - yet the Batmobile is technically capable of achieving an even higher speed.

Given how Bruce Wayne has been known to add boosters to the Batmobile over the years, the most extreme speed that the turbo-assisted Batmobile can get to is somewhere in the region of 350 mph.

With such a ludicrously powerful machine at his disposal, this gives a clear indicator of just how focussed, disciplined and all-out great a driver Bruce is. It also showcases why so few people have ever been trusted to drive one of Wayne's multitude of Batmobiles, for it takes a special kind of skill to handle a vehicle capable of reaching such scary speeds.

The tight, jarring streets and corners of Gotham City also mean that the Batmobile's chassis and suspension have been tweaked and customised in order to assist the car in navigating the city's twisted, tumultuous landscape.


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