10 Strangest Comic Book Doomsday Devices Of All Time

The squid from Watchmen is pretty bad, but what about a weaponised version of Professor X's brain?!

Uncanny Avengers Red Skull Professor X Brain
Marvel Comics

Though it's pretty obvious that a lot of fans would love to live inside their favorite comic books, the reality is it looks rough living like a normal citizen in these universes.

Time and space can be torn apart because someone snapped their fingers, or because some ancient dinosaur randomly decides to turn people inside out with its mind. Comic books are filled to the brim with beings and weapons that could easily destroy entire universes.

All too often the universes of comic books come under threat from some dastardly supervillain or powerful rogue beings as old as the Big Bang. And where there is a supervillain, you can bet there will be some sort of evil device that's important to their criminal schemes that will have to be disarmed by the hero.

There are plenty of classic MacGuffin devices and superpowered people inside popular comic books that can cause all kinds of destruction. However, there are also quite a few devices and super people who are just plain strange, even for comic books.

From extracted brains to impossibly weird planet eaters, these are just a few of the craziest weapons of mass destruction seen in popular comic books.

10. The Infinity Gauntlet

Uncanny Avengers Red Skull Professor X Brain
Marvel Comics

One of the many things the MCU brought to the big screen was its version of the iconic weapon of universal destruction known as the Infinity Gauntlet. In the MCU this was the ultimate weapon sought after by the Mad Titan Thanos, capable of wiping out half the universe with a snap of his meaty fingers.

And while many of those horrifying qualities are still in the comic book version of this gauntlet of doom, it honestly is not as impressive a weapon as the movies would have you believe.

The most important difference between the MCU and comic book version is that the gauntlet in the comics isn't even made of metal. Instead, it's some sort of leather or cloth-based design which makes it look less like an impressive universe destroying gauntlet and more like a plumbers glove with some discount chaos gems glued on.

Overall the Infinity Gauntlet was impressive when it first appeared on comic book pages but after so much time has passed it just seems weird that the universe hangs precariously over the cliff of despair every time someone fits their hand inside this massive accessory.


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