10 Strangest Members Of The Suicide Squad

8. Yo-Yo

King Shark Suicide Squad DC Comics
DC Comics

An inmate of Belle Reve during the New 52 Suicide Squad run, Chang Jie-Ru was a jovial mass-murderer who could change his shape and size at will - something like an evil Plastic Man.

Known for declaring, 'No, I don't have a freakin' string up my ass!' after volunteering for his first Suicide Squad mission, this psychotic could-be-hero served on the team in their missions to take down the terrorist group Basilisk. Able to expand, shrink, grow, and stretch, he was a superpowered asset to a team consisting of mercenaries, assassins, and non-powered criminals.

During a prison break at Belle Reve, Yo-Yo became a snack for King Shark and was devoured whole. He'd later be revealed to still be alive, living inside King Shark's stomach. Amanda Waller seemed unperturbed by this, claiming the shapeshifting supervillain to be practically invincible.

On a mission to battle the Resurrection Man, King Shark was knocked out, allowing a ravaged Yo-Yo to finally escape out of his captor's mouth. Returning to combat, Yo-Yo finally sacrificed himself to stop his villainous sister, Red Orchid. Wrapping around his sister's neck like a scarf, Deadshot lined up a shot from a distance - detonating Yo-Yo's explosive nano bomb and killing them.

Somewhat comical but ultimately a powerful ally for the Suicide Squad, this character has a lot of potential for stretching his way into a future Suicide Squad movie.


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