10 Strongest Forms Of Spider-Man

9. Superior Spider-Man

Cyber Spider-Man PS4
Marvel Comics

When The Amazing Spider-Man hit its milestone 700th issue, Spider-Man didn't exactly get a chance to celebrate, thanks to the fact that he was killed by Doc Ock. The Doc managed to swap their minds in and out of each other's bodies, which left Peter in the dying husk of what used to be Octavius and his foe within his healthy, super-powered body.

Peter died, but all of his memories were right there for the taking, and Octavius opted to use his new body to continue the life of Peter Parker. Technically, the body was the same, so you might expect that Superior Spider-Man was at the same level of strength as the standard-issue Peter Parker Spidey, but not so much.

The Doc opted to improve everything he possibly could while he was living as Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man. He rechristened himself the Superior Spider-Man and finished Pete's Ph.D. for him.

He also made a suit similar to the Iron Spider, but far superior to that. He unleashed an army of Spider-Drones across New York City, giving him the ability to police the entire city from afar. In a short time, Doctor Otto Octavius did more as Spider-Man than Peter had in decades, and if they could somehow go up against one another, ole' Pete would end up in the dust with his Superior self standing over him.


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