10 Strongest Versions Of Spider-Man

7. Silk (Cindy Moon) (Earth-616)

Ghost Spiderman
Marvel Comics

Cindy Moon is a Korean-American Superhero that first appeared in pages of Amazing Spider-Man #1 (2014). The same day that Peter was bitten by the radioactive spider, the same spider bite as well. She would later take on the name Silk and fight alongside Spider-Man in many adventures.

Cindy shares many of Peter's abilities, including wall-crawling. However, her speed and agility are much faster than Peter's, and she isn'tas strong as the webhead. Her spider-sense, which she dubs her 'Silk Sense', is better than Spider-Man's, as she often alerts Spider-Man to danger before his spider-sense can detect it.

Silk's most distinguishing power is her ability to produce webbing from her fingertips. So she often has the edge over Peter as he is notoriously running out of web fluid.

Silk is an interesting character with her own goals and problems separate from Spider-Man. Silk's problems come from getting wrapped up in Peter's adventures, especially when the spider-verse is involved. Now she is away from Peter and on a team, The Agents of Atlas, she can flourish outside of Peter's shadow.


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