10 Strongest Versions Of Spider-Man

6. Spider-Hulk (Earth-616)

Ghost Spiderman
Marvel Comics / Jorge Molina

First appearing in Web of Spider-Man #70 (1990), Spider-Man absorbed some of the Hulk Gamma energy after an encounter with the green giant. Initially, Peter just felt woozy for a few days, before a chance encounter made him angry, forcing him to Hulk out. The change didn't last long as Spidey soon discovered a cure for his condition.

As the Spider-Hulk, Spider-Man has access to his usual powers of wall-crawling, spider-sense and enhanced agility. However, with a boost in power from gamma radiation, Peter's strength is increased tenfold as he's now become a Hulk.

Imagine the terrifying sight of Hulk swinging throughout New York. The reason Spider-Hulk is not higher on the list is that alongside the enhanced strength, Peter gains the Hulk's diminished intelligence and limited vocabulary, meaning he wasn't able to utilise his new power to its fullest potential.

The concept of a Spider-Hulk was not touched on until recently as a background character within the Spider-Verse event and in Tom Taylor's Immortal Hulk: Great Power #1 (2020). Marvel could do more to relate Spider-Man and the Hulk together as both of their power-sets are a result of radiation. Here's hoping for more appearances for the Spider-Hulk in the near future.


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