10 Stupidest Avengers Of All Time

6. Thunderstrike

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Marvel Comics

Of all the Norse-like beings to have set up shop at Avengers Tower, Thunderstrike is undoubtedly the worse.

A pale imitation of the actual God of Thunder, Eric Masterson took over as the team's Thor (of sorts) during Tom DeFalco's reign as Marvel's Editor in Chief. He was a main Avenger during this period, utilising a mace as his weapon of choice and sporting a fairly ridiculous leather jacket ponytail combo at the same time.

It seems as though those questionable fashion choices were a decent enough indicator of his value, as Masterson ultimately wound up doing little while on the team, proving to be more a superfluous addition to the roster than anything else.

It's little wonder, then, that when the Odison racked up again properly, that Thunderstrike was unceremoniously binned post-haste.

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