10 Stupidest X-Men Mutants Of All Time

Be warned Channing Tatum, you are about to play the stupidest X-Men character of all time.

Besides being one of Marvel's mandatory biannual "events", the House of M crossover had the more prosaic aim of clearing up the mammoth supporting cast that had slowly been amassing in X-Men comics over the past fifty years. When Scarlet Witch used her reality-warping powers to take away the abilities of around ninety percent of the world's mutants, she also took away the constant headaches of X-editors and the need for new readers to be aware of the names, powers and affiliations of literally thousands of fictional characters. Which some of us can manage, but we understand it's not as easy for everyone. For the world of the X-Men to become bloated to the degree that such extreme action had to be taken speaks volumes. Where the series began with just the core group of Cyclops, Beast, Jean Grey, Angel, Iceman and Professor X vs Magneto - actually, writing that out, that seems like a lot to even start off - each successive creative team was insistent on leaving their mark on the mutant population, flexing their brains to come up with ever more bizarre abilities. In the course of five decades those new mutants (not the New Mutants, FYI) really started to add up. And not all of those mutants were created equal, as for every Wolverine there were two dozen poor unfortunates who were cursed with some truly awful excuses for superpowers. There were mutants who couldn't control when their powers manifested, mutants who had what you'd only derisively refer to as "abilities", and mutants whose skills weren't helpful in the slightest. As we all climb aboard the hype train for the Days of Future Past film adaptation, which introduces even more mutants in the movie universe, we figured it'd be apt to have a look at ten of the comic book X-Men who should never, ever appear on the silver screen. Or in any of the comics, to be honest. If there's anybody you think we forgot, or you disagree with our choices, please feed your Cerebro data into the comments below!
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