10 Stupidest X-Men Mutants Of All Time

10. Slipstream

In theory, Slipstream should be one of the most useful young members of the X-Men. Young Davis Cameron's latent mutant powers allow him to generate a "warp wave" which lets him teleport himself and others anywhere in the world. He's like Nightcrawler without the stinky purple clouds, or Cloak from Cloak and Dagger without the emotional hang-ups! The image above and the whole "warp wave" thing may have tipped you off as to why Slipstream is part of this list, however. He can teleport anywhere in the world, that's true, that's pretty baller. But in order to do so he rides the warp waves using a metal board. Slipstream is a super-powered surfboarder. Let that sink in for a moment. What was the best bit of the film Point Break? If you say "the surfing" rather than "that one chase through suburbia" or "Dr Cox off of Scrubs", then please take the rest of the day off. If you are a sane person, meanwhile, you will most likely agree that a surf bro X-Man is pretty darn stupid. Add in the fact that he can't teleport without posing like a tool, and if he wants to take others with him they need to squeeze onto his little boogie board, and you've got a pretty terrible excuse for a mutant.
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