10 Things Everyone Always Gets Wrong About Deadpool

Wade Wilson ISN'T a Deathstroke rip-off.

Marvel Comics

Deadpool has always had a little bit of a cult following, one that’s ebbed and flowed with the quality of his stories. Following the mammoth hits of the two Ryan Reynolds led movies though, his fan base has exploded. That, tied to some inconsistencies and disagreements between Deadpool writers since his creation, has led to a few misconceptions surrounding the character.

Writer Joe Kelly once remarked that he could "have some fun" with Deadpool because everyone working on it expected it to be shut down and the character packed away. While this style undoubtedly contributed to some of the things people still get wrong to this day, it also introduced the now fundamental fourth wall breaking element of Wade Wilson's character, duly reflected on screens big and small.

Christopher Priest, who took over from Kelly directly, claimed the writer's style was "a little hostile to new readers", and tried to bring some clarity back to the fold.

Still though, some misunderstandings remain, and Deadpool is the type of character who really embraces the silliness and impermanence of the established tenets in the superhero genre.


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