10 Times Batman Was Humiliated

9. Being Made Fun Of For His Car - All-Star Batman And Robin #7

Batman - Wonder Woman Boot
DC Comics/Jim Lee

Look, there's a lot that's weird about Batman in the All-Star Batman and Robin series, largely revolving around how needless callous and spiteful they make him.

Given that this characterisation is presumably supposed to make Bruce seem somehow more gruff and badass, it seems strange to have the same comic also explicitly state that countless people have made fun of the fact that Batman named his car the Batmobile.

But this is exactly what happens in the comic, as the Dark Knight drops about twelve 'goddamns' in order to try and make being ridiculed for his silly naming trends less embarrassing. This fails massively, and only makes the whole thing seem even more humiliating - further confusing whether All-Star was supposed to be taken entirely seriously.


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