10 Times Batman Was Humiliated

8. Basically All Of Knightfall - Knightfall

Batman - Wonder Woman Boot
DC Comics

The Knightfall series - comprising of Knightfall, Knightsquest, and finally KnightsEnd - is basically wall-to-wall filled with Batman's biggest mistakes. While the most obvious of these is getting his spine cleanly broken by Bane, it is by no means the only moment of shame in these storylines.

Indeed, Bruce's decision to give Jean-Paul Valley the mantle of Batman while he is injured can in many ways be seen as worse. Not only does Batman barely know Jean, but what little he does clearly shows that's he's way too violent to properly take on the role of the Dark Knight.

This in mind, it makes little sense that Valley gets this role when it could have instead gone to Tim Drake - meaning everything Jean does while in the guise of Batman is entirely Bruce's own fault, meaning the shame he feels about the man's actions are unfortunately well-deserved.


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