10 Times Daredevil Was Forced To Kill

5. Beat The Kingpin To Death

If Frank Miller's run on the book, or the Netflix series, seem depressing €“ then you probably haven't read Daredevil: End Of Days. Returning to the character to cap off his long stretch of writing (probably amongst the best post-Miller Man Without Fear stories), Brian Michael Bendis penned what was supposed to be the last Daredevil story. It's set way in the future, but Bendis invoked another Miller classic in talking about it: €œThis is in continuity; not too dissimilar to how Dark Knight Returns became continuity through sheer force of will.€ Which means that there are even darker days ahead for Matt Murdock, ending with Bullseye killing him in a final battle. Years before that, however, he has made contact with The Kingpin. Wilson Fisk, returned to New York City from exile in another country after brokering a deal with the federal government, is confronted by Daredevil in a restaurant, and refuses to leave the country once again. So Daredevil kills him, in front of a lot of people, and says he had no choice.
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