10 Times Spider-Man Was Forced To Kill

6. Killed Digger, Didn't Care

Spiderman End Of The Line
Marvel Comics

Back once again it's the renegade masters J Michael Straczynski and John Romita Jr with another story from the pages of Amazing Spider-Man, this time #54 of the second volume, whose premise sounds like the sort of thing drawn in felt tip or crayon by a child.

A gamma-irradiated Frankenstein's monster of a bad guy, made from the parts of dead mobsters, is out for revenge against a gang boss. Like the Hulk but, well, a zombie? And a zombie pieced together out of wise guys, no less? It's debatable whether or not the web head was actually coming up against an actual human being here, or a unfeeling, uncaring monster, but he managed to work up some guilt about killing Gog.

He should have some sympathy for this poor creature's plight. Nope. "The Balancing of Karmic Accounts" sees him discovering that the gamma blood fuelling the so-called Digger is unstable, which means he knows how to defeat him.

Before that, though, he beats the monster to a pulp with his bear hands. Then he causes him to disintegrate, and quips over his dead body like he's in an Arnie film. At least the mob boss is safe!

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