10 Times Wolverine Went Too Far

Marvel's favourite X-Men member might be a hero, but he's also pretty brutal.

Wolverine Chains
Marvel Comics

Wolverine is without doubt one of the most beloved comic book characters of all time. The classic brooding persona, the ruthless way he annihilates evil-doers, and the overall sheer badassery of his character, have made him a firm favorite among fans.

However, as much as he strikes fear in the hearts of bad guys, there have been plenty of times when this mean streak has spilled into outright evil. Over the decades, Wolverine has, on a number of occasions, succumbed to the devils whispering in his ear and committed some pretty heinous deeds.

From stabbing his own friends in the back, to wrongfully taking lives, to a really ugly moment in the Ultimate universe that makes that version of the character pretty irredeemable, the X-Men veteran has exhibited his fair share of evil behavior.

This shouldn’t really be all that surprising, considering his origin and persona. The man has seen the very worst of mankind and it is that hatred that generally drives him. As such, it isn’t all that shocking when the urge to play judge, jury, and executioner makes him lose sight of his own boundaries...

10. He Let Storm Get Kidnapped And Left A Couple For Dead

Wolverine Chains
Marvel Comics / Butch Guice

The wrongful death of innocent civilians and leaving a long time comrade for dead - what a start.

In the Uncanny X-Men #215, Wolverine and Storm are on a mission together. Their goal was to seek out the perpetrator, who burned down a house belonging to Jean Grey’s sister. During the investigation, Logan senses Jean’s presence at the scene of the crime.

Despite being chased by the Marauders, Wolverine decides to ditch the team effort, and go off in search of his supposedly dead love interest.

Naturally, Storm shoots down the idea and gets knocked out for her troubles. Upon regaining consciousness, she finds herself in a supervillain hideout. What’s more, the villains planned on using her as the prey in some twisted hunting game.

Oh and our hero Logan? Well he decides to wreck a vehicle’s tires, on his way out of the forest where they were investigating. This strands a couple, who then get shot. And yes, Logan witnessed that too and did nothing.


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