10 Times Wolverine Went Too Far

9. Instigated A Deadly Brawl Between Colossus And Juggernaut

Wolverine Chains
Marvel Comics

Staying with the Uncanny X-Men, in issue number 183, Wolverine found himself tangled up in a messy breakup between Kitty Pryde and Colossus.

Both being his teammates, you would imagine Logan would play the role of mediator, or at the very least remain neutral. LOL! Yea right. Because Logan was closer to Kitty, he decided he would teach her former partner a lesson instead. He got Colossus drunk, and then manufactured a fight between the wobbly X-Man and Juggernaut.

Barely able to see straight, Colossus stood no chance against the rampaging behemoth. The fight was so one sided, Colossus might as well have been made of plastic.

Not satisfied with pummeling the poor Russian with his monstrous fists, Juggernaut picked up the building itself and proceeded to use the structure like a club. As for Wolverine, he soaked it all up like some amusing theatre show. With friends like him, who even needs enemies?


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