10 Totally Unrealistic Relationships‏ In Comics History

9. Storm And Black Panter

Storm and the Black Panther don't have a whole lot in common: they're both superheroes, true, but neither of them are working towards similar goals (Storm is trying to progress human/mutant relations, Panther wants to keep his nation safe), have similar powers, or really ever cross paths. Ororo is calm, collected, and keeps her power in check, whilst T'Challa is rather hot-headed and arrogant. What they do have in common is that they're both black, which is sadly the most likely reason the House of Ideas threw these two into marriage during Civil War. You could argue that it was foreshadowed years ago with a short Marvel Team-Up story where a young Storm saves a pre-Panther T'Challa from some poachers, but A: That would be very Comic Book Guy of you, and B: that first meeting was retconned so it was the other way around, making T'Challa the one who rescued Ororo, in the mini-series which lead up to their union. So really it was only in those few issues that the characters even met, and swiftly wed. It also ignores Ororo's origins, before joining the X-Men, when she was worshipped as a goddess in Kenya. It's weird enough she'd give that up to go live in a pokey mansion in Massachusetts, let alone that she'd want to be somebody's queen. Clearly Marvel agreed, since not long after the marriage was annulled.
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