10 Underrated X-Men Characters Marvel Should Totally Be Using

It's not all Wolverine, y'know...

Pixie X-Men
Marvel Comics

Marvel’s X-Men probably has one of the most expansive casts in all of comics. And yet for the last decade or so, you’d be hard pushed to see that. Numerous X-Men books have wound up focusing in on the same merry mutants, sometimes across relaunches and with some characters even appearing in several titles at the same time (Wolverine/Old Man Logan is a prime example).

But with the comics focusing on the same Summers characters, Kitty Pryde, Colossus as the de facto powerhouse etc etc., it leaves dozens or more characters with huge potential for new awesome story opportunities largely absent in the comics, many of whom will already have a fan base just ripe for expanding.

Moreover, if given the chance, the change in focus would allow Marvel the opportunity to tell new, different stories separating the comics from the movies in a way that could actually draw new readers in rather than creating the air of it’s all been seen before.

With that in mind, here are ten underrated X-Men characters worthy of a chance to shine.


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