10 Underrated X-Men Characters Marvel Should Totally Be Using

10. Chamber

Chamber X-Men
Marvel Comics

Full disclosure, Chamber is a personal favourite. But there is so much potential in the London-born mutant missing half his face, that it’s cruel that he still gets very little opportunity to show us what he’s got.

With the mutant power of having access to a vast reserve of psychokinetic energy, which when it first manifested blew a hole in his chest and tore off the lower half of his face, Chamber presented a visually stunning example of changes to the body that could be hard to deal with and get over. On top of this, he was originally set up in Scott Lobdell and Chris Bachalo’s Generation X as the next great potential leader for the mutants, a role which young Jono Starsmore had no desire to take.

He does currently appear as a kind of recurring guest star in the current iteration of Generation X, where so far all he’s really done is offer sagely advice and a shoulder to cry on. Which is nice, but really not all he could be.

Even aside from presenting the opportunity to tell relatable body horror stories, as well as his own emotional backstory and issues with his life’s path, visually he could be made to look amazing. He does seem to be one of those characters that only a few artists can really handle visually, but when done right, the character presents a striking and exciting aesthetic that would not be easily replicated by the Fox movies.


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