10 Villains Who Became X-Men

9. Dr. Nemesis

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Marvel Comics

Right off the bat, Dr. Nemesis sounds like the name of a supervillain. However, Dr. Nemesis is actually James Bradley's vigilante name - the one he uses when he's fighting crime. When James was a villain, he went by the name Dr. Death, so if you thought Dr. Nemesis would have been a bit on the nose then Dr. Death is even more blatant.

In his stint as Dr. Death, Bradley worked with the Axis forces in World War II on Project Mojave, which involved using a device called the Oscillotron to generate immense earthquakes across the west coast of the USA, in an attempt to cripple their war efforts. While Bradley's ideals did not align with the Nazi party, his goal was to help remove the US from the war.

Due to his scientific aptitude, his path has crossed with Beast's on numerous occasions. Following House of M, the genius mutant joined the X-men to help investigate and understand what happened to their powers. So, while his past is more than sketchy, Bradley seems to have mostly good intentions. He even helped create the original android Human Torch.

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